Away With Geese Light Land Unit


  • Effective, maintenance free, inexpensive product for keeping annoying geese off ponds and lakes
  • Solar powered, maintenance free unit
  • Install and sit back and watch it work
  • 1 unit will cover 3.5 open acres
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Is a maintenance-free, solar powered way to get rid of geese. The success of the light is based around a simple concept. At night, geese sleep in or near water areas where they feel secure from their predators (dogs, fox and coyotes). Placing an Away With Geese unit into the secure areas simulates the eye reflection of these predators and disrupts the geese’s ability to sleep. The geese no longer consider the area “safe” and will simply move to another suitable area within a few days. The unit automatically operates at night and produces a solar-powered amber 360 degree beam of light directed at goose eye-level, then recharges itself during the day. Each unit has coverage of 3.5 acres.

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Weight 15 lbs