Celestial Fountains

When you want to design a dazzling waterscape, the sky’s the limit with AquaMaster’s® Celestial Fountains®. Featuring 9+ spray patterns to help you create an impression that is out of this world


The Aquarius is a magnificent two-tiered fountain combining a Gemini geyser rising through a perfect, lower circle.


Our Aries fountain’s two-tiered pattern features a center geyser with a surrounding lower multi-stream level.


This Celestial Fountain is a dramatic geyser capable of reaching amazing heights in a massive column of water.


Our Leo Celestial Fountain is a dramatic wide geyser column of water.


The Libra is a modification of the Gemini. This fountain creates a wider, feathered geyser effect.


The Olympian features a multi-geyser pattern with adjustable valves for harmonizing water columns from full open to stepped patterns.


Our Pisces Celestial Fountain is a crystalline abstract tri-tier geyser.


The Scorpio fountain pattern is a wide full-flow geyser that creates a massive heavy column of water.


The Taurus is a stunning tri-tier reaching amazing heights with a massive column of water.


This two-tier pattern has a very tall narrow center geyser, surrounded by a narrow lower tier spray pattern.