Greetings from Aquatic Control... The First Name in Aquatic Resource Management!

Aquatic Control, Inc began managing aquatic resources in 1966.  From the beginning Aquatic Control saw the need to protect and preserve our water resources.  Various aquatic resource management options were developed: lake management services including aquatic vegetation management, fisheries management and water quality enhancement; diffused and floating aeration system design, installation and maintenance; decorative fountain installation and maintenance; and Do-It-Yourself pond management program development.  Our staff includes fisheries biologists, aquatic biologists, factory trained fountain specialists, licensed applicators, aquatic technicians and knowledgeable customer service representatives.

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Our lake management staff will work with you to develop the best management plan for your aquatic resource. Through the years Aquatic Control has taken pride in maintaining the highest level of environmental stewardship in our products and services.  Lakes and ponds are dynamic resources that are consistently changing.  We work with individuals and property managers in developing an environmentally sustainable approach to aquatic vegetation management.  Our goal is to provide the most healthy water resource possible in every situation.  This goal is achieved by evaluating all aquatic management options, developing a management plan, implementing that plan, evaluating results and making adjustments to this plan to achieve sustainable solutions.

Aquatic Control is a distributor of lake management supplies, floating fountain aerators, and diffused aeration systems throughout the Midwest.  This direct business relationship with manufacturers provides opportunity for product registration updates and new product development.  We also maintain a working relationship with state regulators, state fish and wildlife agencies, federal regulatory and research agencies as well as college and university researchers.  Aquatic Control is a member of the Aquatic Plant Management Society (APMS), Midwest Plant Management Society (MAPMS), Aquatic Ecosystems Restoration Foundation (AERF) and Responsible Industry for a Sound Environment (RISE).  This aquatic industry involvement affords real-time product development and regulatory news updates which allows us the opportunity to implement current best management practices in every facet of our aquatic resource management business.  Aquatic Control is a certified WBE business by the state of Indiana.

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