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Ponds and lakes can be difficult and time consuming for many individuals to effectively manage.  For this reason, Aquatic Control continues to develop helpful newsletters and other informational sheets.  Check back often to review new documents.

2015 Retail Catalog               

Most of the products listed on this website also appear in our 2015 Retail Catalog.  If you would prefer to view all items in catalog form simply click on this link to download our catalog.  Aquatic Control 2015 Retail Catalog PDF


2015 Statement of Qualifications               

This document provides a company overview, history and details concerning various lake management and aeration system projects completed by Aquatic Control.  Click this link to download this document.  Statement of Qualifications PDF


AC News

The AC News is published bi-annually and includes articles on lake and pond management, new lake and pond management products, new decorative fountains, new aerating fountains, Aquatic Control company and employee updates, regulatory and permitting updates and various other articles that pertain for aquatic resource management.  Select any issue to download as a PDF.

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AC News Spring 2014

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AC News Spring 2013

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Other Informational Sheets

Each of the following documents can be dowloaded as a PDF for review and printing purposes.

Vegetation Management

Lakes and ponds tend to accumulate nutrients as they mature.  This can lead to unsightly growth of nuisance aquatic vegetation.  Excessive growth of vegetation can have a negative impact on the aquatic habitat, aesthetic qualities, and recreational uses of ponds and lakes.  Aquatic Control has developed different management plans to care for ponds with varying levels of nuisance growth.  (More...)

Fish Population Management

Fish surveys are designed to analyze the basic parameters of a fishery, identify possible problems and provide recommendations for improvements.  Your fish survey report will include information on water quality, predator/prey balance and species compostion.  (More...)


Fountains will improve the aesthetic qualities of an aquascape, improve water quality, and improve fish habitat.  Fountains are the best choice for aerating shallow bodies of water.  Let us help you choose the correct fountain to suit your needs.  (More...)

Lake Life Guard Systems

Diffused air systems will improve water quality, fish habitat, and help prevent winter freeze-over.  Diffused air systems are the best choice for deepter bodies of water or where an unobtrusize aerator is preferable.  No mechanical parts of a diffused air system are in direct contact with the water so it can be used year round.  Diffused air systems are also easy to install, easier to maintain and less costly to run than other aeration options.  (More...)